Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some helpful wargaming links

It's been a long time since I've posted, I know. The move to our new place in Forest Ranch took quite some time, and I was very focused on getting us in, unpacked and settled in as quickly as possible. Now that the majority is done (and we're out of money...), I can get back to my hobbies - huzzah!

This page is devoted to useful wargaming links. Useful to me, anyway. I shall endeavor to keep this page updated as I find new "stuff" out there on the interweb. I hope to do similar pages for other topics of interest - theology, history, cats, things you can do with your finger, etc.

Without further ado, gaming links:

General Miniature Wargaming Links

The Miniatures Page. God bless Bill for undertaking this herculean project.

Fanaticus. An indispensible resource for all things DBA.

Plastic Toy Soldier Review. If you love 1/72 scale plastics (and I do!), this is the best resource on the net when it comes to figure reviews, as well as a good indicator of what's available in this very useful wargaming scale.

DBN. This is where you go to pick up the DBN rules. Our club will be using these for larger battles (the first one being Austerlitz) later this year (2009) or sometime next, depending on when the painted figures come back from Sri Lanka.

Fernando Enterprises. Speaking of Sri Lanka, this is where I send all my bulk-painting projects. I don't see well at all anymore, even with magnification, so I now send armies to Sanath and his crew. They have only gotten better with time, and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Plus, you can't beat the price!

History Animated. Wow! Was I ever glad to find this place. It shows the flow of battles using simple computer graphics and text over battlefield maps. Easy to follow and a huge help in planning scenarios.

Board Gaming Resources
I'm a huge ASL fan, so most of them will deal with that excellent game, but first...

Board Game Geek. This is the place to go for information on board games, both old and new. I cannot recommend this site enough for anyone with even the slightest interest in board gaming.

Desperation Morale. Mark Pitcavage's website is what rekindled my interest in ASL after a 30 year hiatus. A fantastic resource for this rich and complicated game system, particularly if you have the gotta-catch-em-all syndrome that so many of us gamers have.

ASL Scenario Archives. A great resource for ASL scenarios.

Bounding Fire Productions. Producers of such ASL classics as High Ground. These guys make some great ASL compatible stuff.

ROAR. This is where folks go to track their wins/losses for various ASL scenarios. It's a great resource because, with enough data, it is possible to get an idea of how "fair" a scenario is. Honestly, to me, a scenario doesn't have to be fair as long as it's fun, but this is still a great resource.

ASL Oktoberfest. ASLOK's links page. A good resource for finding tournaments and other ASL information.

Multiman Publishing. These guys are the current keepers of the ASL flame, and are doing a fine job as far as I'm concerned.

View From the Trenches. A great - and FREE - ASL resource. Their semi-regular pdf newsletter is full of great articles on game play, scenario reviews, etc.

Consimworld's ASL Forums. Exactly what it says. Not a great forum format, but has good information.

AH General Project. Say what you will about the potential copyright issues, this place is super handy if you want to look at back issues of The General, say for older scenarios or articles concerning ASL.

Perry Sez Collection. A compilation of all Perry's rulings on ASL questions.

Critical Hit. A huge producer of ASL compatible products. I happen to like CH products, regardless of some of the (arguably legitimate) issues concerning product quality, design and consistency.

Texas ASL Club. Boy, leave it to my home state to provide one of the best and consistently producing ASL resources on the net. Their semi-regular newsletter never fails to enlighten and entertain!

Wargaming Webstores

Wagoner's Miniatures & Hobbies. Timmy! This is my good buddy Timmy's on-line store. He had a brick and mortar store for many years, and it served as the CGC's clubhouse (and, in fact, still does). He sells an eclectic variety of wargaming and role playing goods, usually at substantial discounts. Joe Bobb says check him out.

Scale Creep Miniatures. What kind of person would I be if I didn't give Mark and his business a plug? Not only does he stock some excellent products, he is also the official licensor of all our Flagship Games ranges. Mark is a very nice person and a motivated businessman to boot - something that is generally lacking in our hobby.

Miniature Market. A good discount resource for collectible figure gaming, board games, and some metal miniatures.

Troll and Toad. Like Miniature Market, but usually with a greater variety of stock, including classic games (i.e. - expensive old stuff), figures, accessories, etc. They also tend to be the best prices available.

Miniature Service Center. My friend Doug Carroccio's website. He know carries a large range of 40mm figures for a few historical periods. I am actually his "webmaster", although I do it on a volunteer basis and am only plugging his stuff because it's very, very nice stuff.

Fine Games. Michael Dean is a great retailer. He has about a gajillion board games in stock. I know board games are not miniature games, but I use some board game rules as miniature rules (ASL for example), and besides, he's just a pleasure to do business with.

Hat Industrie. These guys make the most toy soldiery of all the toy soldiers, and that's great in my book. Affordable and reliable, every army looks good in Hat. You can't order from them directly, but you can see what is available, what is forthcoming, and their "everything toy soldier" section has tons of pictures of painted figures, many of which provide excellent uniform resources.

Daniel Grasse's Ebay store - Ye Olde Toy Soldier. He carries many different 1/72 plastic figures, and has the best shipping policy on the whole internet - no matter how much you order, shipping is $7.50 - woot! I usually go to Daniel's website first when looking for 1/72 plastics.

Toy Soldier HQ. Now this guy has a HUGE selection of plastic figures. Although his ordering system is a big archaic (email him what you want and he let's you know the total, as opposed to a cart system), he provides great customer service and has a larger selection than just about anyone else.

Toy Soldier Company. This is my go-to source for all things plastic in 54mm. 54mm is the scale I use for outdoor wargaming, and these guys have more stuff than anyone else by far. Really a great website with so many toys that you can't help but get inspired to do new projects whenever you browse their pages.

Strelets-R. Another manufacturer of 1/72 scale plastic figures in a variety of periods. I do not have a ton of Strelets in my collection, but they are handy for filling in some spots not adequately covered by other companies.

Brookhurst Hobbies. It is much more fun to visit Brookhurst Hobbies in person than to visit their website, but if you can't make the trip, this ain't too shabby. I go here for 15mm stuff that I can't get from a few other places. They provide excellent customer service, and are nice folks to boot.

Legions in Plastic. I occasionally order from this ebay store. While he does have in stock things that may be hard to find elsewhere, his prices are not always competetive. Still, a good back-up resource.

Walthers. Man - what a place! I go here for a lot of terrain-related needs. They are really a model railroad company, but so much railroad scenery is great for wargaming, making this an excellent resource for wargamers of almost any scale.

Warweb. I go here for Osprey books, but they also have a large selection of wargames figures, rules and accessories. Most everything is discounted at least a little bit too!

Hobby Bunker. These guys have an eclectic selection of products, but I have been able to find several items here that were unavailable elsewhere. I have also ordered a LOT of Osprey books from them. A nice, easy to navigate webpage rounds them out, although your cart will auto-empty if you wait too long between clicks, or at least mine did.

More to come as I find them!

- Rod


  1. Rod- this blog is the mecha! (had to) of info thanks man!

  2. Ouch, sir. Ouch!

    You can see I'm aging poorly by my new direction in wargaming. :)

    Did Timmy give you the sekret stash of Mecha stuff I found while packing for the move?

    - Rod