Thursday, September 16, 2010


First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MUSTARD! My most wonderful daughter turns 16 today. Unfortunately, she is with her mom all day, but I've got her the rest of the week, and we will be having some fun for sure.

We picked up our trio of Ragdolls last night. I won't go into many details here, as I did that on a forum for Ragdoll owners, but I thought my mates might appreciate the following photo, which was taken about two minutes after we let them out of their carriers down in Karly's part of the house...

Our gang behind the washer/dryer.

From L-to-R is Winston Asbury Churchill, Watson, and Penelope. Winston is a two year old male Flamepoint, Watson is a blue bicolor, and Penelope is seal bicolor. Penelope is the one who instigated this "Hey guyz, letz hide behind the washer and dryer LOL!" ploy.

Watson is adapting quickly and smoothly. Penelope is doing well as long as Watson is around, otherwise she finds a place to hide. Winston, as a near-fully-grown (15 pounds - woot!) male who we are rehoming, is having the hardest time adapting. He lets us pet him, and was active at night, even sleeping with Karly, but he is showing his objection to the move by hiding most of the time, although today he is hiding in places where he has good LOS to most of the top floor.

Still, things are proceeding as smoothly as one could hope, and I'm sure we will be one big happy family within a week or so.


- Rod

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