Friday, September 17, 2010

Stalingrad in 20mm - Part 2

I managed to get the road network painted for the Stalingrad battlefield yesterday, as well as casting a few rounds of blocks for the starship interiors. No mean feat considering I've got three new cats to look after too!

Road network around January 9 Square (6'x4')

As mentioned in yesterday's posting, I should have mixed the color in with the medium to save a step. I'll know better next time.

The roads still need a dry brushing before they are "done". One trick I have learned over the years (and one on which Thomas and I concur) is to do the things that can be done roughly or sloppily first, regardless of the "paint inside to out" theory. For example, if a figure is wearing a lot of metal armor, it is quickest to paint the armor first as you can dry brush it up pretty quickly if you don't have to worry about accidentally hitting the flesh and other areas. I picked the roads to do first for this layout for two reasons: 1) They pretty much have to be done first to help scale the rest of the features with one another; 2) While technically they should be the "neatest" items on the layout, with straight edges, because the terrain will be destroyed, I can fudge the roadway edges with craters, rubble, etc. This allowed what could have been the finickiest and most time consuming part of the layout to be done quickly and without much fuss.

I'll see if I can't get more done today. The cats did keep me up all night, but maybe after a nap I can go on to texturing more of the city.


- Rod

UPDATE 11/11/10

All three boards are textured, with the last piece currently drying. I will sand and paint - hopefully - this weekend. I'll take some more snaps then to share.

My goal is to have everything done by the first week of December so we can use the layout while Worley is home for the holidays.

In conclusion: They just don't understand Stalingrad!*

*From Peep Show, a wacky Limey sit-com we stumbled upon on Hulu.

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