Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ATT Comparison Shots

Hello again!

Here's my next in a series of shots comparing various Star Wars vehicle toys/models to the WoTC Star Wars collectible figures. This one looks at some ATT options.

Let me explain this photo: The ATT on the left is a toy from the 3" action figure range. They have produced the same model in a variety of paint jobs. On the right is an assembled Revell snaptite kit, claiming to be 1/50 scale. In the center is a WoTC B1 battledroid figure, and sitting on its base is the B1 pilot droid that came with the Revell kit. The pilot figure is made of very soft plastic (softer than most 1/72 figures), and refused to "snap" together, so I left it out. As you might be able to see, he's currently missing his head, and also a backpack unit.

In comparing the two ATT options to the WoTC figure, it's really hard to say which one scales best. This becomes apparent when you take into account the size of the "1/50" scale pilot, which is just over half the height of the B1 battledroid. The 1/50 Revell ATT is significantly larger than half the size of the toy ATT, so something appears to be amiss here.

Having said that, it's a sci-fi (read "future fantasy") game, and to me, being spot on with scale is not really an issue. I really do prefer the Revell kit for a number of reasons:
  1. It is less expensive than the toy, although not by a lot.
  2. It is smaller, so it fits on the miniature battlefield better.
  3. It scales better with other vehicles in my collection. In particular, it looks more "in scale" with the MTT I reviewed earlier this month. Since they will be fielded side-by-side, this is important to me.
Of these reasons, #2 is probably the most important. The footprint of the toy ATT is quite large, and unless you have a very large wargaming table indeed, it's going to be hard to maneuver around. And it really does look a tad too big next to the figures.

Which of the two is more correct in scale on a "realism" level? I couldn't begin to tell you. Sometimes I think the CGI models used in The Clone Wars series are scaled to suit the scene, and so expand and contract as needed. I'm probably wrong, but it wouldn't be the first time. :)


- Rod

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