Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bantha Racing!!!

Hello again!

Yesterday was a big gaming day for the CGC. Five of the guys came up and we had a Star Wars battle featuring a Sith army trying to wrest an old sith artifact from a jedi defended holy site. We used my "Ground Wars: Future Skirmish" rules, the intent being to have a stress test of the force power rules. I'll report on that battle later though, because this blog post is all about...


After the sith/jedi game and dinner, we gave my "Bantha Racing" rules an initial playtest. They are not complicated rules, so I didn't expect any major issues with them. I am happy to report that there are only two or three minor issues that need fixing before the public debut at Kublacon '11 next month. Anyway, I did take some less-then-perfect pictures, and thought I would slam together an AAR using "Comic Life", an easy-to-use program that some other guys on TMP have been using for their AARs. I have to admit, it takes about 15 seconds to learn and it's pretty fun to use. Look for a comic featuring my cats soon... :)

Without further ado, here's the AAR for our first... BANTHA RACES!!!

Hope you liked it. Criticism is always welcome.


- Rod

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