Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kublacon '11 Project: Second Battle of Geonosis


I have been working on my big game for Kublacon, The Second Battle of Geonosis. I'm polishing up the GWFS rules for their public debut, and started on the scenery yesterday by painting a 10'x20' canvas in the mottled desert-red color they used in the Clone Wars series (see Season 2, Disc 2). I'm going to carve some rock formations and plateaus out of foam today and paint them to match, and I hope to make a small "hive" with interiors too.

I'm using the SW collectible figure game figures. I love toys as you can treat them like shite and they are usually none-the-worse for wear when you are done. Heck, even my cats love to play with them! (Penelope was running around with a clone trooper the other day.) Vehicles are a bit more problematic. There are some smaller ones made for the collectible game, but I want some larger vehicles for this game. The AT-AT model is beautiful, and I do have a couple of them, but using those would represent an anachronism (IN SPACE! no less...) so I won't be bringing those.

Revell has been making new SW plastic kits. They don't really say what scale they are, but I opted to take the plunge and picked up two of the AT-TE walker kits. They are billed as "pre-painted", and as Snap-Tite models they do go together fairly well, although I think I may resort to gluing a few parts as I can tell they will get flimsy over time. FYI, it took about an hour to assemble one.

Here's a comparison snap I took of one of the SW figures next to a completed AT-ST model.

The height of the model seems okay, in comparison to its scale presented in the CW series anyway. It's a bit puny in the other dimensions though. That is unfortunate, but I think in the scale of the battle I'll be putting on no one will mind the discrepancy. More importantly, I won't mind it. :)

I also picked up a couple of the landers, and when I finish one of those I'll post a comparison shot for your consideration as well.

Back to work...


- Rod

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