Monday, May 16, 2011

Engagement at Cheros AAR


Here's an AAR from our latest Ground Wars: Future Skirmish (GWFS for short) play test. We have played a lot of scenarios to date, but this is the first one that didn't take place in the Star Wars universe.

The scenario was inspired by a scene from the BSG movie, The Plan. It has obviously been changed quite a bit, as this is a three-sided engagement (something GWFS handles without issue), but I liked the idea of a small engagement where one side has the element of surprise, but the enemy really outguns them. In this case, two sides have the element of surprise.

I used Comic Life to put together the AAR. The one thing this bit of software is lacking is a spell checker. I instantly noticed a few mistakes as it was converting it to jpg format. It's a lot of work to get a big report like this assembled, converted and uploaded, so I am just going to let the errors lie, as it were.

This is a more detailed report than my usual efforts. A recent thread on TMP discussed preferences for battle report styles. Normally, I try not to show game mechanics (dice, etc) due to their aesthetic killing effect, but I opted to go more detailed this time - showing the dice rolls and activation cards, and explaining the rules - to give those outside the play testing group a better idea of the mechanics. Never hurts to start pimping a game early. :)

Hope you enjoy it. It's a whopping 19 pages, but there are lots of pictures (in fact, it's almost all pictures - the great advantage to using a program like Comic Life), and to a wargamer it may prove entertaining overall.

There's more to come,


- Rod

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